The best off – road trips in America

By Kevin Moser / July 13, 2017

Experiencing the landscape through an open road is one of the bets things you can do. Many people avoid this type of activity because it’s too stressful and challenging. On the other hand, for people who love the sense of freedom and adrenaline rush, this is like a dream come true. Away from the traffic jams, pavements, smog, people, an off – road adventure offer you so many beautiful things, but at the same time, it will challenge your will, strength, and determination. Don’t be mistaken that this journey is easy because it’s not. But, if you are ready to head on a next adventure, we have prepared some pretty spectacular destination for you.

Calico Ghost Town, California

calicoLike the name, it states, this city was famous in the 19th century where people carved underground tunnels in search of gold. The town is a synonym for the Old West, and here you will be able to experience the life of your ancestors. The real adventure starts just outside of the city, and the land that surrounds the town is perfect for this type of activity. If this mining town isn’t enough for you, you can head a few miles away to the Calico Early Man Site and see archeological excavations and objects from Pleistocene Era.

 The Washington Backcountry Discovery Route

If you are worried that this terrain won’t provide you enough thrill, then you are mistaken. Because of its diversity, The Washington Backcountry Discovery Route is perfect for the people who are just starting with off – road adventures. Along the way, you can find many restaurants and hotels, so you don’t have to worry about the accommodation and food. If you want to experience the real adventure, you can stay at some modern campsites. Starting from a lush rainforest of the Cascade Mountains up to the desert of Eastern Washington, you are headed on a true journey of challenges.

Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado

This 63-mile-long route passes seven ghost towns and more breathtaking vistas that you can count. It is recommended to have a storing and reliable 4×4 because terrain can be tough and you will want to reach the best views. During the winter portions of the Alpine Loop is closed, so don’t even try to go. Here you will experience one of the most scenic places in the entire America, so get ready to drive.

How to plan an off-road adventure in your four – wheeler?


Many people have the misconception that off – road adventure is just driving anywhere you lease, visit places, enjoy beautiful weather and landscape, but, just the opposite, is so much more. On this journey, you will experience some things that aren’t so pleasant, dirty roads, bad weather, challenging trails, pits, ditches, and mud are an inseparable part of an off – road adventure. So, if you don’t have a strong will, sense of adventure and strength to handle all these challenges, then this activity isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you want to the full experience an off – road adventure, then here are some tips on how to plan your trip.

Choose a terrain and place

When planning an off – road adventure, you need to know where you want to go. Again, depending on your level of skills, you need to choose a route that will fully match your needs. If you pick a route that too heavy of demanding, you will soon quit. In this case, you need to anticipate all the problems ahead of you and be prepared. Of course, you may experience some unpredictable things, but that’s all part of the show. If you are a beginner at this, we suggest you start shorter trails, until you acquire an additional set of skills. After all, you need to have a complete control on your vehicle, in order to avoid accidents. Or, you can take a membership at some local club that will help you get the ropes.

What type of vehicle to choose?

offroadIn this case, you will need a strong four – wheeler, which will be able to handle steep terrain and dirt roads. If you already have a vehicle make sure to check all his function because that can save your life at some point. On the other hand, if you don’t want to invest money in a new vehicle, you can easily rent one. There are many agencies which provide this type of service, and it can be more affordable.

What to bring with you?

Basically, you adjust your wear and things you intend to bring to your route and weather conditions. On the of the essential things to carry with you are spare parts for your four – wheeler and tools. It is important not to end up in the middle of nowhere, without a spare tire, for example. Considering the clothes and things to eat, depending on the place where you are headed, you can always buy something along the way, if needed.